Belleville-Sur-Vie Salted Butter 250g


Discover our salted Belleville-sur-Vie butter: an extra-fine butter with an authentic and delicate flavour enhanced with a pinch of salt.
The secret of its production? Our master butter makers allow the cream to mature slowly for 12 hours; this is what gives it is flavour and remarkable finesse, making it ideal for both toast and pastries!

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Produced close to our breeders...

In our Bellevigny factory in Vendée (85)


Pasteurised cream, added salt : 2%, cultures (including milk).

Milk from France

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy 2 987 kJ/ 726 kcal
Fat 80g
-of which saturates 56g
Carbohydrates 0,9g
-of which sugars 0.9g
Proteins 0.7g
Salt 1,6g

Think about sorting

Disposable foil.

All you wanted to know about the Belleville-sur-Vie salted butter!

Butter is said to be “extra-fine” when its cream has not been frozen and its production has started no later than 72 hours after gathering the milk and after churning it for at most 48 hours after skimming the milk.

Salted butter contains between 0.5 and 2% salt depending on the different butter references.

Its specific production process and its 12-hour maturation time give it a finesse and delicate taste that makes it unique. Thanks to that, one can enjoy it on toast as well as use it for making pastry.

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