Surprise! A calf is being born at Julien’s farm!

An important event is now taking place in the barn: Ibiza is calving!

Animal wellbeing

Living and producing in harmony with our land

Taking care of the biodiversity

Is there any other job that brings you so close to the land and living creatures than farming? Every day, amidst his
herd, he takes care of his animals and of the surrounding nature.

Our CSR approach!

Quality milk resulting from the diversity of our land

Only living, breathing agriculture and ‘healthy’ lands can guarantee healthy, quality dairy products!

Our French origins

Discover its smoothness

"Le crémeux du Poitou"

This delicious cheese with a creamy centre pays tribute to the cheese making expertise of the Poitou region and is made in our cheese factory in the Vienne region from 100% French milk.

« Le Crémeux du Poitou »

Our butters

100% French milk, farmers committed to enhancing the biodiversity of their land, butter-making knowledge, gastronomy and pleasure. We use only the best ingredients to guarantee top quality Grand Fermage butters.

Our tips

Our breaded cheeses

Cheeses made from 100% French milk and 100% gourmet! Rediscover the real taste of cheese and the delicious crunch of the breadcrumbs.

Our tips