Lime-verbena cheesecake

Lime-verbena cheesecake recipe
  • Guests 8 people
  • Preparation 358 minutes
  • Cooking 5 minutes
  • Difficulty Easy

To make this recipe 

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  1. 300g Grand Fermage 30% (or 15%) fat Double Crème Fraîche

    120g Grand Fermage unsalted butter roll

    600g Philadelphia cream cheese

    200g Petits Beurre biscuits

    120g sugar

    6g gelatin

    30g water

    1 lime

    10 or so verbena leaves

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  1. Prepare the base: crush the biscuits using a rolling pin, add in the pre-melted Grand Fermage unsalted butter and press the mixture into the bottom of a spring-form tin around 25-30cm in diameter.
  2. Place in the fridge to set.
  3. Rehydrate the gelatin in cold water.
  4. Take 80g of Grand Fermage double creme fraiche (30 or 15% fat), and bring to a simmer.
  5. Add the verbena and the gelatin.
  6. Leave to infuse.
  7. Zest the lime and squeeze out 3 tbsp of juice.
  8. Mix the zest with the sugar.
  9. Mix the cream cheese with the zest-sugar mix, the remaining Grand Fermage creme fraiche and the lime juice.
  10. Add in the infused cream and whisk for 2 minutes before pouring the mixture over the biscuit base.
  11. Smooth out the surface and leave to set in the fridge for 6 hours.
  12. Decorate with lime zest and verbena leaves, and serve chilled!

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