PDO Charentes-Poitou Salted Butter 250g


Made exclusively from cream from the PDO region and a pinch of salt, Charentes-Poitou PDO salted butter offers an authentic taste and remarkable finesse.
The manufacture of this quality butter respects a traditional method which gives it a particular quality and a delicate fragrance!

Produced close to our breeders...

In our Bellevigny factory in Vendée (85)


Pasteurised cream, added salt : 2%, cultures (including milk).

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy 2 987 kJ / 726 kcal
Fat 80g
-of which saturates 56g
Carbohydrates 0,9g
-of which sugars 0,9g
Proteins 0,7g
Salt 1,6g

Think about sorting

Disposable foil.

All you need to know about Charentes-Poitou PDO salted butter!

The Charentes-Poitou PDO butter collection area is located in 5 departments :

  • Vendée (85),
  • Deux-Sèvres (79),
  • Vienne (86),
  • Charentes-Maritimes (17)
  • Charente (16).


Charentes-Poitou AOP salted or unsalted butter is the king of puff pastry!

Because of its high level of saturated fatty acids, Charentes-Poitou PDO butter melts less quickly than other butters and is easier to use to make delicious puff pastry.


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PDO Charentes-Poitou Salted Butter 250g


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