Poutine-style breaded mozzarella bites

Poutine-style breaded mozzarella bites
  • Guests 2 people
  • Preparation 15 minutes
  • Cooking 13 minutes
  • Difficulty Easy

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  1. 2 packets Grand Fermage Provençale breaded mozzarella bites
  2. 4 potatoes
  3. 40g grated cheddar
  4. 50ml gravy
  5. Neutral oil
  6. Salt and pepper

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  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into chips.
  2. Fry in the oil for 8 minutes at 170°C. Once fried, drain the chips on a paper towel and season.
  3. In a pan, fry the Provençale breaded mozzarella bites in a small amount of oil for 5 minutes.
  4. Transfer the chips to a sharing platter, pour over the hot gravy and sprinkle with grated cheddar, before topping with the Provençale breaded mozzarella bites.
  5. Serve piping hot.

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Salted butter 200g


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